Rosenbaum Associates
Ronnie Rosenbaum, Principal  


Rosenbaum Associates assists families and communities to successfully prepare for
—and work through—transitions in their lives.


Transitions—and relationships—involve conversations that are sometimes difficult to have. But these conversations are important, even necessary. Rosenbaum Associates facilitates and mediates conversations so that the challenging times are easier for your family and your organization. We guide you in creating the vision for your family in all its stages.

We provide a forum for everyone involved to be heard and to participate, and we assist you in making decisions and generating solutions collaboratively. We work with you to avoid creating family and community fractures and to heal fractures.

We guide you in being intentional around planning for life-cycle transitions, such as retirement, marriage, separation/divorce, end-of-life, blending families, philanthropy, and parenting.

We are available to help you prepare for a transition; manage a transition; and follow-through with the transition.

Together we will help you and your family reach the following outcomes:

  • * Decisions on your pressing issues
  • * Intentional plans for managing your transition
  • * Clarification of expectations before conflicts arise
  • * Productive management of conflicts
  • * Savings of your time, money, and relationships by not going through litigation
  • * An efficient and effective process for current and future communication with one another


FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Rosenbaum Associates also facilitates conversations and problem solving for organizations dealing with the challenges of working with diverse stakeholders, financial concerns, community collaborations, and constant change. Contact us for specifics about our work with organizations.



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