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Ronnie Rosenbaum is Principal with Rosenbaum Associates. For over thirty years, she has been recognized as a consensus builder. She is a facilitator and mediator with a reputation for resolving complex issues with respect, clarity, and effectiveness. Her expertise includes guiding many intergenerational families through life-cycle transitions.



Rosenbaum Associates provides customized services to meet the needs of every client.

  • We are a neutral third party; neither attorneys, nor financial planners, nor representing a particular person or ideology.
  • We are not mental health therapists and do not focus on dysfunction, or problems, or the past.
  • We are facilitators and mediators who focus on problem solving and moving forward.

Training and Experience


  • Professional Mediator, Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediating Organizations
  • Extensive Mediation Training
  • Divorce and Parenting Mediator of the Year (2007), Jefferson County (Colorado) Mediation Services
  • Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation Training
  • Family Mediation Consultation Group member—confidential review and discussion of cases
  • Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Adolescent Health in the Rocky Mountain Region (2007), Rocky Mountain Chapter-Society for Adolescent Medicine
  • Master’s Degree in Health Administration
  • Leader in nonprofit management in Colorado: executive director of three agencies, senior leadership at a hospital and at Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; has served on numerous boards of directors of nonprofit organizations and community collaborations
  • Experienced with child development, particularly early childhood and adolescent issues 



  • Many families
  • City and County of Denver, Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Health Promotion and Education
  • Jefferson County, Colorado
  • JSI Research and Training Institute
  • Urgent Action Fund
  • Highline Crossing Cohousing
  • Community Alternatives, Inc.
  • Colorado Bright Beginnings



Ronnie always creates a safe space for all to participate fully, to share, and to listen. In even the most difficult, conflict-ridden discussions, Ronnie has the exceptional ability to maintain her objectivity and cool, which has always helped to keep the discussions constructive and focused. She has always been extremely skilled when tempers flare, setting and holding very firm boundaries and guidelines, in a very gentle, yet persistent way. Her guidelines always help shift the tone of the discussion toward mutual respect.
Julia A. Parisian, Psychologist

Ronnie has been most valuable to our program in the area of divorce, parenting, family, and post-decree cases. In fact, so many of her cases were in this area, she was chosen Divorce and Parenting Mediator of the Year for 2007. Given the typically difficult nature of the cases she chooses to mediate, her overall settlement rate is remarkably high.
     Mark Loye, Director, Jefferson County Mediation Services

I had an extremely difficult case that was not going any place and was incapable of settling, according to my client. However, after a day of mediation with Ronnie Rosenbaum, the impossible was achieved, and a full agreement—to the satisfaction of both parties—was entered into, reduced to writing by Ms. Rosenbaum, and submitted to and approved by the court. I would not hesitate to use her again, no matter how difficult or complicated the case.
     Michael A. Curran, Attorney at Law

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