Our Services for Families

People in life transitions—as members of families—are the focus of our work.


If you are preparing for—or in the middle of—a life transition, here is what Rosenbaum Associates can do for you.

  • Promote the well-being of the family.
  • Develop an agenda for—and facilitate—family conversations, among all ages.
  • Encourage and ensure full participation in conversations.
  • Clarify issues, including the identification of needs and interests of all parties.
  • Hold space and create a forum for healthy conversations.
  • Create and select the options that best meet all parties' needs and interests.
  • Coach you to communicate effectively with one another.
  • Assist in healing, reconciling, and restoring relationships.
  • Serve as action planner and task master, so that progress is  made.
  • Guide you through separation or divorce agreements.
  • Document all agreements so they can then be filed in court.

Examples of life-cycle transitions that can benefit from our services:

  • You are about to retire and are contemplating moving closer to your adult childen and grandchildren. Do you share the same expectations about your roles and responsibilities?
  • You and your spouse are revising your wills and disagree about how much of your estate you will leave to your heirs, how much to charities, and to which charities. You both realize that you have never had a conversation with your grown children about what is important to pass on as your legacies and those of your families of origin, or the extent of your wealth.
  • Your elderly parent has died and you and your siblings are making decisions about how to divide their property (e.g., a collection, house, mementos, etc.). You all have different ideas.
  • The parenting agreement that was appropriate when you and your former spouse divorced eight years ago no longer is a fit for your teenaged children.
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